Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed. There are certain criteria that must be met and the pet must be approved by the Manager. There is an additional $500.00 deposit required to bring a pet.

Is Terrace Park a smoking facility?

No. There is no smoking allowed in apartments or any common areas.

Smoking is allowed outside of the building in the designated smoking areas.

Is there a deposit required for the room?

Yes. The resident must pay a $750.00 deposit as security for the apartment. This is refundable at the time of discharge if no damages have been done to the apartment or there are no outstanding charges. This deposit can be reduced for those on the Elderly Waiver program.

Do you accept Title 19?

Title 19 does pay for a portion of services received through a program called Elderly Waiver. You must apply for Elderly Waiver through your local Department of Human Services office.

Does Medicare pay for any of Assisted Living?

No. Medicare does not pay for Assisted Living.

Do you accept Long Term Care Insurance?

We do accept long term care insurance also known as nursing home insurance. The policy can not state, “Will not pay for Assisted Living.”

Is there a minimum age to move into Terrace Park?

Yes. You must be at least 65 years of age.

Are overnight visitors allowed to stay with loved ones?

Yes. We encourage visitors. Anyone staying more than one week will be subject to a charge.

What are criteria for residency?

The following list is our basic criteria for residency:

  • Resident must be able to travel fifty feet, unassisted by another person (assistive devices i.e. canes, walkers, wheelchair may be used).
  • Resident must be able to get in and out of bed on their own.
  • Resident must be continent of bowel and bladder or able to manage his/her own incontinency (i.e. able to change and dispose of incontinency products appropriately).
  • Resident must be cognitively safe to be in an unsupervised area (i.e. apartment).
  • Resident must not exhibit behaviors that are a safety hazard to himself/herself or others.
  • Resident must display appropriate and consistent social behavior while interacting with other residents, staff, and visitors (appropriate dress, non-combative behaviors/responses, etc.).
  • Resident must be able to feed self without assistance from another person.

A prospective resident who fails to meet even one of the above criteria may be refused admission.
A current resident who fails to meet even one of the above criteria may be asked to transfer to a more appropriate facility by the management of Terrace Park. The final decision regarding admission depends on the personal evaluation by Terrace Park staff.

If a current resident is asked to transfer to another facility, the management staff of Terrace Park will assist the resident and family in re-location and placement.

What is the cost per month?

The private pay rate as of January 1, 2018 is $2830.00 per month for a Studio apartment and $3130.00 for a One Bedroom apartment.

If you are on the Elderly Waiver thru Medicaid, you will need to discuss this with the Manager to get a price based on your service plan. Please Contact Us.

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