The following list is our basic criteria for residency:

  • Resident must be able to travel fifty feet, unassisted by another person (assistive devices i.e. canes, walkers, wheelchair may be used).
  • Resident must be able to get in and out of bed on their own.
  • Resident must be continent of bowel and bladder or able to manage his/her own incontinency (i.e. able to change and dispose of incontinency products appropriately).
  • Resident must be cognitively safe to be in an unsupervised area (i.e. apartment).
  • Resident must not exhibit behaviors that are a safety hazard to himself/herself or others.
  • Resident must display appropriate and consistent social behavior while interacting with other residents, staff, and visitors (appropriate dress, non-combative behaviors/responses, etc.).
  • Resident must be able to feed self without assistance from another person.

A prospective resident who fails to meet even one of the above criteria may be refused admission.
A current resident who fails to meet even one of the above criteria may be asked to transfer to a more appropriate facility by the management of Terrace Park. The final decision regarding admission depends on the personal evaluation by Terrace Park staff.

If a current resident is asked to transfer to another facility, the management staff of Terrace Park will assist the resident and family in re-location and placement.